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Steps to apply for program

Stage 1 process

  • Complete and return to the Trinity Bay State High School office the expression of interest (form 1 of 2) plus program application (form 2 of 2) due midday Tuesday of last week Term 1.
  • Complete and return the Trinity Bay State High School general enrolment application package. Forms are located in the enrolment section of the website.  The enrolment checklist, student enrolment form, enrolment agreement and state school consent form must be submitted with all excellence program applications.
  • Two photocopies of most current school report.
  • All other documents photocopied - no originals pleases (including proof of residency).
  • Out of catchment applicants - please include written statement outlining reasons why applying at Trinity Bay State High School.  This is referred to if your child is not accepted into an excellence program.
  • Can apply and be in more than one program - sometimes a choice between programs will need to be made due to organisation requirements. 

Stage 2 process

Specific audition time/s will be allocated to each student based on the program/s they are applying for. These times will be sent via email or a letter in the post. The audition requirements for each program is slightly different (see below).

Audition requirements

CAD dance 

  • No preparation is required.
  • Students will learn and present choreography on the day.
  • This will be one and a half hours in length.
  • Students should wear comfortable clothing to dance in.

CAD drama 

CAD music 

  • Students are to present a piece of their own choice on their chosen instrument and/or voice.
  • The audition will be five minutes in length.

CAD technical theatre 

  • No preparation or prior experience is required to apply for this program.
  • Students will attend an interview and work within a group to complete set tasks.
  • This will be a group activity and then individual interview.
  • The entire process will be approximately 30 minutes in length. 

Notification of acceptance process

All students who are successful will be sent a letter of acceptance and CAD contract by the end of term 2. Students and parents should read, sign and return this contract as soon as possible, in order to accept their position in the CAD program. It is important that we receive this contract, as there could be students on a waiting list hoping to be accepted into the school and CAD program that we can also offer places to. 

Students who are unsuccessful into a CAD program will receive a letter of non-acceptance, but may be placed on a waiting list (this will be advised in the letter). If the school does not receive communication from the parents by the due date, the school reserves the right to remove the offer of position.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for this program your child must: 

  • return from 1 and 2 with all relevant materials attached (for example, school report and references).
  • come prepared to their audition and do the best they can on the day.
  • return their CAD contract as soon as possible, if they are offered a place. 
  • complete all necessary procedures by advertised deadlines.


Last reviewed 09 June 2019
Last updated 09 June 2019