Support and resources

The student wellbeing and attendance team (SWAT) meets weekly to discuss student support needs and consists of:

Head of department engagement 

Jenny Cowell -
Oversees student wellbeing in the school. Is the first person to contact if you have concerns about your child's academic or personal wellbeing. Coordinates the SWAT team, refers students to appropriate members of the SWAT team for support or external services. Coordinates academic and other programs for student academic and wellbeing and improvement.

Responsible behaviour teacher

Scott Graham -
Oversees student behaviour in the school. Manages behaviour programs and support mechanisms for students to encourage more productive behaviours in students.

Guidance counsellors

Sarah Traylor -
Ben Mahony -
Provide counselling for students in various areas of health and wellbeing. Provide some diagnostic testing for students, provides negotiated education plans, individual education plans and individual learning plans for students. Refer students for further support where necessary. Provide career counselling and options for university pathway students.

School based health nurse

Carola Schemmann -
Provides health advice and counselling to students. Coordinates health and wellbeing programs for students. Provides health education to students in conjunction with health and physical education programs and senior schooling programs. Supports students and families with a range of health concerns and needs, ranging from teenage skin to relationships, sexual health and healthy lifestyles.

School based police officer

Conducts home visits of truanting students, liaises with members of SWAT team and Queensland police service to support students and families' health and wellbeing and to re-engage students in an education setting. Provides education for students in road and cyber safety.

Attendance officer

Belinda Innis -
Monitors student attendance. Conducts home visits with school based police officer of truanting students. Provides support in attending school for students who find this difficult for a variety of reasons. Provides incentive programs for students to attend school.

Youth support coordinators

Dee Dienelt -
Otto Suavai - 
Provide counselling and support for students. Liaises with community support centres on behalf of students and families. Facilitate wellbeing programs, facilitate mentoring programs within the school and in the community.

Community education counsellors

Loryanna Smith -
Moses Savage -
Provide educational and professional counselling and support to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students. Liaison between the school and community to engage community and students with school and community activities. Develops activities in and out of school to enhance the involvement of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students and families in education.

School chaplain

Bec Ross -
Provides counselling and support to students, has prayer groups, facilitates health and wellbeing programs, facilities Chappy breakfast program, liaises with students and support services.

Responsible thinking classroom officer

Kerry Phelps -
Provides students with reflective rehabilitation of inappropriate classroom behaviours. Manages good habits program for challenging students.
Other members of the team: Irene Colefax - Education Queensland social worker (Wednesday) and Werner Rindlasbacher - Outreach counsellor centre care (Thursday and Friday). 
Last reviewed 04 June 2019
Last updated 04 June 2019