Health and wellbeing


Trinity Bay State High School is aware that sometimes things just do not go as planned and support is needed to help families get through difficult and challenging times.  Please refer to the external support services in Cairns and Queensland (PDF, 1704KB) and educational activities for home (PDF, 343KB). Many of these services are still available to offer support during COVID-19 restrictions either by phone or online. 

In these challenging times of home schooling, here is an example (PDF, 463KB) of a way to structure your child's day to replicate the routine they have experienced at school. This is just one example, this timetable can be adapted to suit your family's needs.​

Trinity Bay State High School follows the personal and social capabilities framework to ensure that all students experience opportunities to develop age appropriate social and emotional skills as they grow into young adults. Students explore and develop skills in friendship, empathy, gratitude, peer pressure, decision making skills, assertiveness, responsible technology use, anti-bullying, conflict resolution strategies, stress management, study skills, coping strategies, neuroscience, team work, healthy relationships, mindfulness, personal identity, self-esteem, body image, leadership, helping others in the community, just to name a few. Students experience a timetabled lesson once a week in year 7 and a Wellbeing day is held each term for year 8 and 10, and year 9 participate in an end of year camp. As students enter the senior school opportunities to explore issues relating to safe partying, responsible driving attitudes, CPR, budgeting, life after school are provided during a timetabled lesson in year 12, semester 2.

Trinity Bay State High School has a large wellbeing team who contribute to the broader school goals of student engagement and academic success. The student wellbeing attendance and transition team (SWAT) comprises of:

  • Head of Student Engagement
  • 2 Guidance Officers
  • 2 Youth Support Coordinators
  • School Based Youth Health Nurse
  • School Based Police Officer
  • 2 Responsible Behaviour teachers
  • Chaplain
  • 2 Community Education Counsellors
  • Attendance Officer
  • Responsible Thinking Classroom Officer
  • Reengagement Program Officer
  • Education Queensland Social Worker (one a week)
  • Visiting CentaCare Psychologist (once a week)
  • Visiting Guidance Officer (once a week for verification reviews).

Please view the student wellbeing attendance and transition team email contacts (PDF, 342KB).

This team supports students primarily through a referral system to assist students in their academic and personal wellbeing needs. The team works closely with the English as a Additional Language, Special Education, Intensive Elevation Program and Curriculum Support teams to offer comprehensive support for students at school. SWAT also works with an extensive array of external agencies to refer students and families for acute or ongoing support.

The SWAT team provide one-on-one case management, as well as small group targeted support through a variety of programs such as:

  • Girls United
  • RAGE
  • Anger Replacement Training - Module 2
  • Seasons for Growth
  • Relaxation/meditation/mindfulness for individuals or groups
  • Drumbeat
  • Brave
  • Young Strong and Deadly (focus on tobacco)
  • Girls yarning mats
  • Class behaviour monitoring/alternate strategies
  • Peer Support Program (coming soon)
  • Re-engagement Program.
Last reviewed 01 June 2023
Last updated 01 June 2023