Link & Launch Program


Each year, we take great pride in recognising the efforts of our students who complete Year 12. From school, many of our students go on to further study, training and employment and ultimately, make positive contributions to our community of which we are very proud.

Among each group of Year 12 students, some need additional support to successfully transition to further study, training or work.

To support these programs, the Queensland Government is funding a new program. Link & Launch is a school-based program, designed to help these young people decide what further study, training or employment might be best for them and to assist them in pursuing their chosen pathway.

How does the program work?

Trinity Bay State High School has received funding to recruit a Link & Launch officer to connect with young people who have completed Year 12 but have not yet transitioned to further study, training or work. The Officer can assist young people to navigate a range of post-school study, training and work options in line with their individual goals, aspirations, skills and strengths and support them to make independent choices that will equip them to make a successful transition. Some of the options students may consider through the program include:

  • Skilling Queenslanders for Work training or subsidies
  • Alternative entry to university
  • Alternative entry to TAFE
  • Transition to Work, JobActive and other federal workforce participation programs
  • Employment

Our school to pilot the program

We are delighted to announce that our school is one of fourteen school sites in Queensland selected to run the Link & Launch program. The program commenced in Semester 1, 2020 and will continue through to the end of 2022.

Who can join the program?

Young people who are not in education, employment or training and who completed Year 12 in the previous two years are eligible to join the program. Older Year 12 graduates who may benefit from the program are also welcome to join. All eligible young people who have completed their senior studies can join the program irrespective of where they went to school. Students currently enrolled at our school are not eligible to join the program as we already provide them with career guidance and planning support.

Privacy Notice and Consent

Please complete and sign the privacy notice and consent to use and disclose personal information form (DOC, 108KB) and then contact Kim to get started in the Link & Launch program or just contact Kim and she will help you to get started.

How to contact our Link & Launch Officer?

Need help? There are a number of ways to get in touch with our Link & Launch Manager, Kim Bannister. Provides support and guidance for Year 12 Graduates who are wanting to get into employment, education and training. 

Mobile:  0474 957 036

Phone:  40 375 294


Last reviewed 03 April 2020
Last updated 03 April 2020