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Name: James Harding
Current position: Senior Associate, Holding Redlich
Year graduated:  2008
I attended Trinity Bay State High School from 2004-2008. I was heavily involved in Rotary Debating and Bond University debating in 2007 and 2009. To this day I am still involved in the same competitions, adjudicating the debates since 2015 and give back the opportunities that I was once afforded by those who volunteered. While at Trinity Bay I was mentored and encouraged by long term teacher Mr Keven Morrissey and have always been grateful for his influence.
The critical thinking, advocacy and public speaking skills gained at Trinity Bay led me to study Law at James Cook University in Cairns from 2009 to 2012. I then completed a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice through the Australian National University.
I was admitted as a Solicitor in the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2013 and I have practiced in Property and Commercial Law since then. On the 1 July 2018, I was promoted to Senior Associate of the National Law Firm Holding Redlich, based in Cairns. At 28 years of age this makes me certainly one of the youngest in Queensland. I also teach final year subjects to students at James Cook University studying law to help upskill the next generation of lawyers coming through and making them 'job ready' to stay in our region.
Name:  Andrew Butt
Current position: Head of Music, Marist College Ashgrove
Year graduated:  1981
In recent times, Andrew has been prominent in Queensland's music scene, being a finalist in the last three years of the Queensland Music Awards and winning the jazz category in 2013/2014. Andrew's accolades include a Churchill Fellowship and performing as a jazz soloist with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Andrew Butt Trio+ has been regularly featured at major venues and festivals across Australia including Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Paris Cat Jazz Club, Tanks Arts Centre Cairns, Brisbane International Jazz Festival, Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and on ABC JazzTrack and radio across the country.  Andrew has toured extensively as a performer, educator and director of ensembles throughout Australia and internationally to Indonesia, Fiji, New Zealand, China, Europe and North America.
Andrew holds qualifications in both Education and Music including a Masters Degree in Performance and Research from the Queensland Conservatorium - Griffith University and PhD in Performance from the University of Queensland and been mentored by a diverse range of musicians including George Garzone and Brandford Marsalis. 
Name:  Marina Candido Visontai Cormedi
Age:  25
Home country:  Brazil
Commencement of studies at Trinity Bay SHS:  Year 11, 2010
When I first thought about studying abroad, Australia was the country that most interested me. It has an interesting history, exotic nature and friendly people. I started looking for cities and I was enchanted with Cairns, because it was so close to the Great Barrier and had many beautiful beaches. It was also important for my family and I that it had high quality education at public schools. Moreover, the climate was similar do Brazil and, as it was a smaller city, I thought it would be better to experience Australian culture. I chose Trinity Bay State High School because it has a nice structure and diverse and interesting subjects to choose from.
The school was very prepared to help international students to adapt and make the most of the exchange experience. There were other international students there as well and the school organized meetings so we could get to know each other. Also, there were always someone from staff to help me with questions and inform about school activities. At Trinity Bay, I loved to be able to choose which disciplines to attend! They were more practical than in Brazil and teachers respected the student’s learning pace. In one of the disciplines, Biological Sciences, I first had contact with concepts of medical genetics and assignments with scientific methodology. This rouse great interest in the subject, which later influenced my career choices.
One of the main goals of this time abroad was to become fluent in English. I got a lot of support from school and from my host family in the first weeks. Then, I started making friends with Australians and international students which made me practice English all the time as well as helped me enjoy my exchange time.

I chose to stay with a host family and it was the best choice I could make. Lynn and Tony were a lovely couple that made every effort to make me feel welcome! They organized a birthday party, they took me to road trips nearby Cairns and they really helped me with my English. They were genuinely concerned with my wellbeing and became a family to me. We still keep in touch nowadays. Also, they had other exchange students staying with them, one of which has become a good friend of mine. I visited her in Germany in 2016 and it was great to remember our adventures in Australia.

After I came back from Cairns, I finished High School in Brazil in 2011 and I graduated in Medicine in 2018 from University of São Paulo Medical School, Brazil. I’m currently in a medical residency program on Medical Genetics at University of São Paulo and I plan on specializing on Cancer Genetics. My time at Cairns contributed significantly in my career. It allowed me to get in touch with very interesting subjects and helped me to become fluent in English. Also, living away from home made me more independent and focused. I am very grateful for this experience!

Name: Michele Hicks (nee Lloyd)
Current position: Business Manager
Year graduated: I wouldn't exactly call it graduating, however, I left school at the end of 1975.
Best memory: I don't have any one best memory, but if I have to give one it would be 1974 when I spent each math lessons reading because I was angry with my mother for making me repeat Year 9 because she thought I could do better at maths. Didn't really like maths, but I love to read and I was able to read a lot of books that year.
Life after Trinity Bay: I worked in various positions in local business and the hospitality industry. In 1988 I had been made redundant from a position in the hospitality industry and went to Parramatta State School After School Care to advise that my daughter would no longer be attending.  A couple of days later the Principal contacted me to ask if I would be interested in working in the school office. This was the result of a conversation between the Principal and the After School Care co-ordinator where he asked her if she knew anyone with office skills who was looking for work. I consider myself very fortunate that she put my name forward. I worked at Parramatta State School until 1998. I then transferred to Bentley Park College as a challenge to move myself out of my comfort zone. During 2006, I decided I was tired of driving from Smithfield to Edmonton and back each day and started to look around for positions available in a school closer to home. I have now been at Trinity Bay for 11 years. It is the irony of my career with the department, that I started it at the primary school I attended as a child and I will finish it at the high school I attended.   
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