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All former students are invited to contact the school to lodge your contact details or for more information regarding past student activities.
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Alumni Students

Name: Michele Hicks (nee Lloyd)
Current position: Business Manager
Year graduated: I wouldn't exactly call it graduating, however, I left school at the end of 1975.
Best memory: I don't have any one best memory, but if I have to give one it would be 1974 when I spent each math lessons reading because I was angry with my mother for making me repeat Year 9 because she thought I could do better at maths. Didn't really like maths, but I love to read and I was able to read a lot of books that year.
Life after Trinity Bay: I worked in various positions in local business and the hospitality industry. In 1988 I had been made redundant from a position in the hospitality industry and went to Parramatta State School After School Care to advise that my daughter would no longer be attending.  A couple of days later the Principal contacted me to ask if I would be interested in working in the school office. This was the result of a conversation between the Principal and the After School Care co-ordinator where he asked her if she knew anyone with office skills who was looking for work. I consider myself very fortunate that she put my name forward. I worked at Parramatta State School until 1998. I then transferred to Bentley Park College as a challenge to move myself out of my comfort zone. During 2006, I decided I was tired of driving from Smithfield to Edmonton and back each day and started to look around for positions available in a school closer to home. I have now been at Trinity Bay for 11 years. It is the irony of my career with the department, that I started it at the primary school I attended as a child and I will finish it at the high school I attended.   
Name:  Krystal Alexandria
Class of 2012
Film Editor (USA)

"It was your film subject that lead the life I have today and thanks to Mr Weston who showed his passion for the film class which definitely helped me further my passion in film".
Krystal Alexandra (nee La Spina Burgess), commenced at Trinity Bay State High School in year 9 (2009) and graduated in 2012. In 2013, Krystal went on to study at Griffith University (Brisbane) majoring in Film, followed by Digital Video Production in Orlando, Florida.
Krystal's passion for film was ignited at Trinity Bay State High School when she was introduced to the techniques and elements of film production and developing an understanding of how a story is put together.  She is excited about the creative aspects of what a shot looks like (framing, lighting, props) and how this can communicate a message, mood and vibe.
Krystal has very fond memories of Trinity Bay State High School, including the warm and accepting environment of the school.  Her experience as a student with a cochlear implant at Trinity Bay State High School differs from her previous high school and she feels that this positive experience had deep impact on her self image. "I had the support needed to continue my work ethic and passion to do something good".
During her time at as a Trinity Bay State High School student, Krystal also represented TBay Rays in basketball and was a Senior Student Council Member in 2012. When asked where she might see herself in ten years, Krystal aspires to be "traveling around more often to produce documentaries and be involved in higher productions in film".
Her advice to current Trinity Bay State High School students is: 
"I would say anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Just keep going and you'll get there. It took me a few years to be where I am today. It just takes time and hard work. As long as you keep learning and have a great attitude, you'll become successful".
You can visit Krystal's website at