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Behaviour management

Head of department student engagement:

Jenny Cowell

Telephone:  (07) 4037 5203


The head of department student engagement oversees:

  • Student's academic and personal wellbeing in the school and is the first point of contact if you have concerns about your child's academic or personal wellbeing.
  • The Student wellbeing and attendance team (SWAT) refers students to appropriate members of SWAT for support or to external support services.
  • Coordinates academic and wellbeing programs for student's academic and health and wellbeing improvement.

The school has five expectations that when followed will support students in preparing themselves for life after school and the expectations that the work place will have on them.  The expectations are:

  • Arrive prepared.
  • Be in the right place .... on time.
  • Consider the learning needs, space and property of everyone at all times.
  • Use a respectful voice and manner.
  • Stay on task.

The school follows the Responsible behaviour management plan when managing student behaviours which can be found on the school website.

Trinity Bay State High School has a proud tradition and strong following of the Speak up speak out program which supports our Responsible behaviour management plan.  Students are encouraged to speak up and speak out if they encounter any bullying or unwanted behaviour.  They are encouraged to speak up to a teacher or other trusted adult for help and they can be assured they will be listened to and action taken.  The school promotes this each year with a Speak up speak out week where students engage in a lesson about how to use the SUSO (Speak up speak out) process, they receive stickers as a visual reminder to use the program and 2015 saw the introduction of Stymie an online anonymous way to report bullying or any other concerns students have about themselves or others, so the relevant person can receive the help and support they may need.