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Resource scheme

The scheme operates solely to benefit students and parents by substantially reducing the financial burden of purchasing expensive resources. It is a non-profit scheme that provides each child with textbooks and classroom resources for the entire school year.

Please note that this is a voluntary scheme, however, close to 100% of families elect to join, due to the convenience and reduced financial commitment.

What does the scheme provide?

  • Access to all textbooks required by students for as long as they are needed to undertake study at Trinity Bay State High School.
  • All photocopied notes to complement resources.
  • Purchase of audio-visual software to enhance student learning.
  • Computer software and access to technology to be used in the classroom. It also provides the maintenance of a considerable amount of technological equipment.
  • An identification card for each student free of charge. This includes a photograph and is required for borrowing.
  • An equitable amount of material for practical subjects, for example wood, metal, paint and significant consumable material. This is partly paid for by school grants.
  • A school diary.